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It’s UI is similar to JIRA, which can be deployed on server or cloud and it has an API that can be used to integrate it into your CI tools. It is one of the most used test management application amongst Agile and DevOps- based teams. It is a light and easy to use tool that assures smooth workflow via its efficient features. Besides providing seamless test management, it also integrates with JIRA, other APIs, and other automation testing tools. It promises to make every test step and test phase quality assured.

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When you have defined some stories, then you can create the sprint that will include those stories that should be worked on in the next couple of weeks. After the sprint is finished we can export the sprint results in a so-called Burndown chart where we can see our actual progress compared to the expected progress. With JIRA we can also estimate our stories by entering some story points. Story points are estimates of effort for a specific story.

TestLink is a web-based open-source test management tool that allows users to manage test cases, test suites, test projects, and user management. Jira Components are sub-sections of a project; they are used to group issues within a project https://globalcloudteam.com/ into smaller parts. Components add some structures to the projects, breaking it up into features, teams, modules, subprojects and more. Using components you can generate reports, collect statistics, and display it on dashboards and so on.


Information can be exported to statistical and reporting engines for further processing. A key benefit of test management tools is the ability to assign and track test data management tools comparison tasks across your team. You may already be using a system like Jira or Trello to do this, but it pays to be able to do this in your test management tool too.

Using an apt test case management tool can save you both on time and efforts. A number of test case management tools are available in the markets that can be externally integrated with JIRA, resulting in better test case management. With Xray, users can easily get full traceability between requirements, tests, defects, executions, and generate the Requirements Traceability Report. All testing results can be visualized and managed in one place. Stakeholders can view customized reports and dashboards with certain data they want to see. Live dashboards can be inbuilt into external systems like Confluence, Wikis, or web portals.

  • JIRA tool provides the Confluence pages where you can connect to the issues in just a few clicks.
  • This is how test related statuses look like on JIRA online reporting gadgets.
  • The QARA for Jira add on is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.
  • So far, we’ve just spoken about the advantages and disadvantages of putting test cases and test results in Jira.
  • And, this gives the test engineers a sense of satisfaction, while it also helps the development team plan the sprint more accurately.
  • Modules include Requirements, Test Design, Test Execution, and Ticketing.

Kanban board is useful for the team that managing and constraining their work in progress. Kanban boards are visible in Work mode but not in Plan mode. Like here we have set sprint for 1 day and it will run sprint for that specific time period as shown in the screenshot below. If you are working with scrum, and want to prioritize the issue or rank the issue then you just have to simply drag and drop the issue into the backlog. There is another useful function is JIRA Link, Issue linking allows you to create an association between two existing issues on either the same or different JIRA servers. As shown in the screen shot, we have linked the current issue “ST-6 Drop down menu is not working” with another issue ” ST-4 GUI is not responsive- retest GUI functions”.

Generate and Analyze a report

QA manager clones the QA cycle template every time he wants to run a new QA cycle. QA manager sets the correct Moodle version on the cloned QA cycle. Test management systems provide the optimization of business processes.

The tool identifies most failed tests and tracks manual and automated tests. All reports can be generated automatically following the prescribed schedule. Various charts and stats are accessible to all team members.

reasons NOT to choose Atlassian JIRA for agile projects

Test Management has a clear set of roles and responsibilities for improving the quality of the product. Team can decide whether to increase or decrease the number of issues that should be displayed in each status. Kanban is considered as the best methodology for bug fixing and maintenance release, where incoming task is prioritized and then worked accordingly.

test management tools for jira

The status of this test plan is shown as “2 TODO” in the same area. On Test Plan Details tab, you can select tests one by one or add them as a group using Test Set. Test Issue Links section shows the relation between the current test execution and the Story issue . Test execution results will be displayed under Test Runs section of a Test issue. Use color icons to mark the completion of the test execution step.

TestRail uses reliable security measures that involve technical and organizational security controls to prevent data loss or other unauthorized data processing operations. Customer support provides you with almost instant response. Detailed customization guidance, data import support, and methodology consulting are available as well. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

A glossary of testing terms

Like here in the screen shot above, we have selected a pie chart for issue priorities. It will generate a Pie Chart representing the priorities and severity of the issues in percentage for the whole project as shown below. You can view the pie chart from different perspectives like Assignee, Components, Issue Type, Priority, Resolution, and Status and so on. A JIRA workflow is a set of statuses and transitions that an issue goes through during its lifecycle. JIRA workflow encompasses five main stages once the issue is created.

In the form of JIRA issues, an issue collector allows you to gather feedback on any website. In administration if you click on Issue collectors an option will open asking Add Issue Collector. Once you have configured the look and feel of an Issue Collector, embed the generated JavaScript in any website for feedback.

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When the test execution is created, go down to “Execution Details” section. Follow the option “New Test Execution…” and complete your first ad-hoc test execution. Before learning JIRA, you should have a basic understanding of manual testing. JIRA tool does not have the default functionality for measuring the time spent on documentation.

test management tools for jira

If you would like to add more sub-task, you can click on the plus (+) sign on the corner of the sub-task panel. Likewise, if you want to note down the time spent on the present task, click on (+) plus sign in the corner of the time tracking and put down the details in the log sheet. The JIRA dashboard consists of many useful functions and features which make handling of issues easy. Now in these Jira tutorials, let’s learn JIRA Defect and Project tracking software with this Training Course. So far, we’ve just spoken about the advantages and disadvantages of putting test cases and test results in Jira. When it comes to test execution, you can’t start an automated test in Jira since you don’t have the capacity to do so.

What is JIRA?

This edition is characterized by enhanced API performance, audit log, configurable backup time, and on-demand restoration. Tests with comments, attachments, and feedback loops can be assigned to users to enable collaboration. Users receive automated email notifications about newly assigned tests. Users can quickly choose from various test gadgets and view real-time metrics and status of projects, cycles, and sprint. Real-time Jira-integration imports all user stories, epics, etc. Users can maintain traceability having all requirements stored in Zephyr.

For organizations practicing Agile development, continuous testing is the best way to provide a good experience for users — while pushing product development forward. If you want to write test cases and manage them in Jira, these workarounds will help you in a pinch. And it’s still a pretty manual process to get Jira to support test case management. Jira user stories have the same problems that Jira issues have. So, you’ll still have a challenge if you want to reuse tests.

You can view the results of the test cycles under the respective test plan. It is a web portal that serves as a test management tool that promotes teamwork and adds value to the end product of running multiple test cycles. It groups test cases on the priority basis without consuming any extra minutes.

How continuous testing affects continuous integration and deployment?

LDAP integration streamlines user management and offers a single-sign-on. Users can launch automated tests with any framework in real-time and populate all results in this one-stop-shop for continuous integration. Users can execute tests one by one, launch automated execution, and manage test pass or failure status. Users can create test circles and phases, align to sprints and test suites, and assign resources to execute planned tests.

Creating a test case, users can use rich text formatting, add attached files, and screenshots. To track changes and ensure transparency test case history is at hand. Created test cases can be organized in suites and section hierarchies. Besides, baselines for multiple branches and versions are available. Test suites can be organized according to your custom cycles and sprints. Data can be simultaneously structured concerning different criteria, like components, types, versions, etc.

Zephyr Squad is better for Agile teams to have a flexible and seamlessly integrated test management tool that works as a native Jira application. With Zephyr Squad, one can create tests cases, execute tests, and view test execution reports. JIRA is known as an issue and project tracking software to track, plan and manage your projects. JIRA is used by agile development teams to customize their workflows, enhance team collaboration, and release software with confidence. QTest Manager provides an intuitive experience for test execution.

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