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There have been many successful implementations of the AFS, if we can use that term, on this coast. We have a small shrimp fishery off eastern Nova Scotia where there’s native participation, and it’s working well. Everybody operates within the same regime and cooperates with regard to the science and works on the outputs of that. Even within our country, to my knowledge, we have informal arrangements between the provinces in which the provinces are guaranteed their relative historic percentages of those resources. For example, when we’re dealing with gulf stocks, there are well-established percentages, and people try to keep to those well-established provincial percentages. I’ve heard outputs from the minister’s meeting with different provincial ministers, in which they talked about historic levels and historic access and historic percentages as being roughly the same every year.

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  • Yet if they’re dumping fish over the side, they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth.
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  • That’s 188,000 lobster traps without adding one more.

There were lots of areas where there was potential action. I went to Pictou one day, and 150 fishermen just gathered there. They were willing to go out to burn…well, not burn, but cut or do whatever they had to do. We talked them out of it and tried to say there’s a better way of doing things, that we’d negotiate. Our idea is that if something happens, if we get into big fights with the natives, those wounds are going to be there for a long period of time and are not going to go away. What has happened in Burnt Church is not going to go away tomorrow.

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Wonderful broker, there customer service, deposit , Withdrawal, trading platform like mt4 and mt5, little brokerage, this is a great broker, they are fully regulated I love it. And in it is an article called “The Year To Come”; if you read that, you might be optimistic about this country. Lots of people cannot tell what is going to happen within the next five years. If the price comes down in thiscountry, it will come down in other countries. Within the next two years I expect to see $3 million worth of herring oil. We agreed upon an annual expectancy of $25 million from our fish ing industry.

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The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples—a $20 million, $30 million, $40 million report—concluded that fundamental change is needed in the relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people in Canada. It’s right to say that everybody in this country must realize that off-reserve aboriginal people are the most marginalized…living in poverty. It’s right to say that everyone knows that the Indian Act reservation system, with the 684 bands, is not something we flag around the world as an envy to Canada. We have to assess the information we have on these stocks and try to find a way we can strike, if there is in fact commercial available. I’ve watched that with horror, as a matter of fact.

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At best, they’re hesitant in their answers, but they don’t say yes or no. The Constitution of 1982 was drafted by the governments of Canada and entrenched aboriginal and treaty rights for aboriginal peoples. It was seen then that there are many people in this country who were being displaced and disadvantaged. They were not displaced by the Indian Act reservations through the Indian Act of 1868, which is a consolidation of many colonial acts. In other words, these are the aboriginal Mi’kmaq people who have continued an undisplaced occupation of these lands and have lived and worked on these lands continually for thousands of years. Really it takes time to react to these things, it takes time to answer the questions, and it takes time to figure out how we’re going to do this.

We support measures that provide the first nations of Atlantic Canada with economic independence. We also support the entry of first nations into other sectors of the fishery, into wood-cutting, and into the exploitation of non-renewable resources. After that paragraph, you state easymarkets review that you’re disappointed to learn that the native community had approached DFO several months previous to the decision to put in contingency planning. In fact, that happened on March 9—an integration of native and non-native fisheries interests preimposed the Marshall decision.

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It’s much more widespread than lobster, which for two or three days our whole discussion has centred around. I have a couple of questions on the licence buyout. Then there’s the capital gains problem as well. The Marshall decision has been exploited by the media, and we do not want to see the politicians do the same thing. The fishermen and fishing industry, as well as the native community, should not be used as pawns in any political manner, which is what we have seen in the past. The terms of reference for the chief negotiator and assistant negotiator need to be looked at again.

They would fish herring, tuna, and groundfish, and they would become complete fishermen. When we talk about midshore or offshore quotas, I hear that a number of the bigger companies are saying this doesn’t affect them because they’re out over three miles. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, every fish that migrates out of the gulf into the Sydney Bight area—that’s where the big companies have the quotas—migrates along the shores within sight.

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Overall, easyMarkets looks like a legit broker. It is not a scam because it is regulated by trustworthy authorities like ASIC and has a ton of positive user reviews from various sources. The most important part is that the company provides low fees for high-quality service, has a unique trading platform, and does everything to assist its traders if any issues occur. We as a conservation organization with limited resources have to choose what our priorities are. As I mentioned, one of our goals is promoting sustainable ocean-based livelihoods in the fisheries, so we do pay attention to social issues and to fairness in the fisheries.

The gentleman was saying you can catch lobster so easily there. Those who do wish to make a hard livelihood in the fishing industry will go through a process of applying for it. Every fisherman in the lobster fishery will tell you that in the trap fishery there are those in every area that have an excess. We’re saying to just take those 100 lost traps, right? Ten percent…some people say it’s 50%, 20%, 30%. That’s 188,000 lobster traps without adding one more.

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Canada’s vision of partnership means celebrating our diversity, from east to west, from north to south, while sharing common goals. So I don’t think it’s appropriate to say that’s the only discussion we can have. Are we going to give everybody the right to enforce their own speed limits in terms of every town or every individual? You already have the right to enforce a speed limit by obeying it, but we find people on the highways everyday that don’t obey the speed limit.

To some extent, it doesn’t seem to matter to them how they do it. But I don’t think they’re dealing with all the other issues in the fishery that have to be dealt with. If we pursue the policies DFO is pursing that tend to concentrate more and more wealth in fewer and fewer hands—and in the fishery, as you well know, there are lots of backroom deals—it will create a lot of problems and friction. There’s been a lot of talk about what a moderate livelihood is and whether that’s something you can even enforce. I think it would be extremely difficult to enforce. But I believe the owner of Clearwater Fine Foods has four to six dwellings—I don’t know how many are in this province—and I think he has the largest single family dwelling in this province.

“We will continue to monitor this new direction and evaluate our marketing spend,” a General Mills spokesperson said. Audi of America, the Herndon, Virginia-based U.S. unit of Audi – a Volkswagen Group brand – said it would “continue to evaluate the situation.” “L’Oréal did not make any decision to suspend advertising spending on Twitter,” a company spokesperson told Reuters in an email.

We had no idea this was coming and never budgeted anything for it. If the government expects the inshore fishermen to have input, to be at meetings, and be able to meet with other people, there’s going to have to be some help if you want a speedy solution to this problem. With the introduction of limited entry, we saw the recognition that there was too much dependency on the fishery, and there were a couple of moves made in the early seventies. One was the full-time, part-time categorization of fishermen, and there was the A, B, C categorization. Those with A licences are the fishermen you see there today. The B licences died with the fishermen when they died.

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