• Nutriben Breakfast Baby / Toddler Cereal

    Sold By: Joainas Mart

    Buy Nutriben Instant Cereal Breakfast Wheat & Fruits 12 Months+ 750 g on Supermart.ng. Complete your baby’s nutrition with Nutriben instant cereal breakfast; wheat and fruits. Nutriben breakfast is amazing for babies from the age of 12 months, supplying the vital nutrients of cereal which serves as an essential source of energy. This power packed Nutriben breakfast supplies your baby with low sugar, as wheat is the major ingredient of the cereal. Babies enjoy the sweet and delicious taste of Nutriben breakfast, with an enticing aroma after using the easy how to prepare method by mixing in boiled water. Nutriben instant cereal thickens once mixed and your baby enjoys the smoothness of the cereal. Formulated with three major ingredients; wheat, milk and fruits, the total healthy breakfast for your baby every day. Nutriben breakfast is nutrients-filled with an amazing aroma that is appealing to babies. Nutriben breakfast is one of the top selling brands of baby breakfast in Nigeria.

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